Smart Tech SolarPro

$187.98 $139.99
Smart Tech SolarPro
Smart Tech SolarPro
Smart Tech SolarPro

Smart Tech SolarPro

$187.98 $139.99
$187.98 $139.99
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The SMART TECH SOLARPRO incorporates a nifty feature into your surveillance technology – solar power. With an unlimited range of operation and enough additional features to guarantee your safety, this is one of the best security cameras available.

Solar Powered


If you’re looking for the best solar-powered security cameras on the market, you’re in luck. The SMART TECH SOLARPRO features solar energy, so you never have to worry about having to charge it or connect it to a power source.  

The solar power also works especially for the SMART TECH SOLARPRO because it is an outdoor security camera. So, you can leave it outside at a location where you know that it will be able to make contact with sunlight and rest assured that it will work for as long as you need it to.

100% Wire Free


A direct benefit of the SMART TECH SOLARPRO being solar-powered is the fact that you don’t have to rely on electrical components or need any sockets to power it. So, you’re pretty much free to put it anywhere you would like.

 Of course, given the fact that there are usually no sockets outside of your house, this is a great benefit for you


IP67 Weather Proof


The waterproof design is a great fit for the SMART TECH SOLARPRO. Since you have to leave it outside to enjoy the solar power function, the waterproof feature complements that rather well.

 IP67 is one of the top waterproof ratings available.

 Apart from being waterproof, however, the SMART TECH SOLARPRO is capable of withstanding just about any agent of the weather. Come rain, come sunshine, you can rest assured that it will be operational and ready for you to use.


Motion Detection with Push Notification Technology


The SMART TECH SOLARPRO smartly detects any motion that occurs across its field of vision. So, if you’ve placed it close to your door, it can immediately detect when someone comes to the door.


At the same time, the security camera will immediately notify you when you have someone walking by and knocking your door. The camera will send a push notification straight to your phone to let you know.  


What are the odds that your home will be burglarized this year? Data from the FBI crime report shows that we can expect 1 in every 36 homes in the United States to be burglarized this year! Resulting in an average loss of $2,230 per break in.
  • Every 23 seconds a house gets burglarized in the US according to 2017 crime statistics from the FBI.
  • Most burglaries occur between the hours of 6AM and 6PM (While you are at work!)
  • 34% of Burglars enter through the front door!
Smart Tech SolarPro automatically sends a message or call to your smart device alerting you of any movements. Allowing you to protect your family more effectively.
If the PIR Alarm function is enabled, the camera will send the alarm information to the User's Mobile Phone when some one invades the surveillance area. 

As a property or business owner, it is important for you to be able to monitor your work space when you are not nearby. Having a security camera can greatly increase your employees effectiveness and reduce the chances of theft!

Built-in solar panels on top of the camera, when camera is in the sunshine, it will generate power to batteries, so that the camera can always keep working.

Before first the installation  kindly charge the internal batteries for 10 hours until full with cable provided.

In order to save power, we setup the solar camera PIR motion that will actively work every 15s~60s, so you won't receive the repeat same alarm. You can find it in the Device Settings


Built-in waterproof microphone & speaker, no matter how far away, you can easily talk via the solar camera. 


The IR LED camera will automatically turn on when there is insufficient light or no light to ensure a clear view of the image quality.


What's inside the box? 

 1x Smart Tech SolarPro
 1x Screw Pack
 1x User manual
1x Screwdriver
1x USB Adapter


* Please note that there may be delays in delivery due to the COVID-19.


We process all orders in 1 business day. Our usual shipping times are 7-10 business days .
However, due to COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing delays of up to 20 Days. This is due to temporary staffing issues freight companies are facing. The shipping times may vary for other international orders due to the current crisis faced around the world.


Does this camera have cloud storage capabilities?
  • Yes, our cameras are equipped with cloud capabilities.However, are not required to sign up. Starting at 4.99/mo up to 19.99/mo

What do you mean by Wireless Camera?
  • Our new Smart Tech Wireless Pro2 is truly wireless, meaning no wires at all! Just turn on and pair with your device! Smart Tech Outdoor Pro uses a WiFi bridge to connect to the application on your phone. However, the camera is powered by a power cable. (Smart Tech Outdoor Pro)

How long is the power cable?
  • The camera is equipped with a 3 foot long cable, in most cases our clients buy an extension based on their circumstances.

How many hours of video can the memory cards hold?
  • 32Gb - Store roughly 2.5 Hours of 1080p video. 64Gb - Store roughly 5 Hours of 1080p video. 128Gb - Store roughly 12 hours of 1080p video.

Will I receive a notification if there is any movement around my property?
  • You will receive alerts directly on your smartphone from the app anytime motion is detected. Wide-angle and high sensitive motion sensor offers almost no false alarms.

Do Smart Tech camera's have 2 way audio?
  • Yes, with the built-in responsive microphone Smart Tech cameras come equipped with 2 way-talk, you can listen and talk via our app. Two-way audio allows you to communicate with welcomed friends, and motion detection alarm can get rid of unwanted guests or animals.

Can the camera zoom in?
  • Yes, Smart Tech cameras are equipped with 4x Digital Zoom technology just move the phone screen to achieve zoom. 4x Digital zoom enables you to zoom in to see far-away objects more details without impairing image quality or zoom out to get a wider and larger view.
  • What do I receive inside the box?
    • Your package will include the following items 1x Smart Tech Camera 1x Screw Pack 1x User manual 1x Power Adapter (Charge USB cable if wireless)

    What kind of weather conditions is the camera intended to be used in?
    • Smart Tech Cameras are equipped with IP66 weatherproof case, IP66 level waterproof rating makes it perfect for outdoor surveillance needs, protects every inch of your home through every season.

    Does the camera have night vision?
    • Smart Tech cameras are equipped with 3 night vision modes Infrared Night Vision Full Color Night Vision Smart Night Vision

    What are our shipping times?
    • Usually we process in 1 business day. Once they leave the facility, they can take anywhere from 1 - 3 weeks (typically no longer than 2 weeks) to arrive at your assigned shipping address. The shipping times may vary for other international orders due to the current crisis faced around the world.

    Do we offer customer support?
    • Yes, of course! We offer customer support that's guaranteed to get back to you within 24 hours. Please contact us at [email protected]

    Do we do refunds?
    • Yes, of course! If your product is defective or took longer than a month to arrive, kindly provide us with your order number or proof of the defect, and we will gladly give you a refund. We also include a little store credit or an exclusive coupon, as thanks for shopping with us anyway. We appreciate every shopper and want to ensure that everyone has a great and fair experience.

    Do we do replacements?
    • Not exactly. With our refund policy, you can choose to purchase another product of the same type or put your store credit/ exclusive coupon towards another product. However, no we do not directly replace products with new ones. That's just how we protect ourselves from fake requests (nothing personal), thanks for understanding.

    How's our quality?
    • The reviews speak for themselves. We believe that our quality is top of the line. Unfortunately, rare cases occur where shipments get damaged in transit, while this is out of our control we are very sorry and empathetic and offer a fantastic refund policy to deal with this.

    What payment methods do we accept?
    • We accept Master Card, Visa, AMEX, Discovery, PayPal, Google Pay, Shopify Pay, Apple Pay.

    Do you have to sign up with your email?
    • Yes, so that we can provide you with the necessary order information and customer support if necessary.

    Will we spam you with emails?
    • NO, we hate that too. We make it a point to only inform people about offers that are unique to their purchases with us. This way, if we think you would find something useful or we think it suits your taste, we'll let you know about promotions for those items only. We also give the best email-exclusive deals so sign up if you don't want to miss them.