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OutdoorPro HD 1080p Security Camera

Take Your Security To The Next Level!

Surveillance is an important part of ensuring security and monitoring your surroundings. So, it’s no question that you need high-tech security cameras in today’s world


The SMART TECH OUTDOOR PRO is a revolutionary security and surveillance product that’s capable of helping you to gain optimal surveillance of your surroundings at all times. The product is undoubtedly one of the best security cameras around, with effective angles and an optimal operation that will undoubtedly give you proper bang for your buck. 

Smart Tech Outdoor Pro Is The Answer For All Your Surveillance Needs!


Motion detection

The SMART TECH OUTDOOR PRO comes with motion detection technology that alerts you when an unknown party is moving across its field of vision. So, you always know when someone approaches your property

Wi-Fi Access

The SMART TECH OUTDOOR PRO is a security camera with wireless connection. So, if you’ve got wireless technology across your property, the high-tech security cameras will easily connect and operate from there.


Take crisp and clear snapshots whenever you need with the snapshot capability. The SMART TECH OUTDOOR PRO comes with a built-in camera that will effectively capture any footage that you need for future references.

Mobile view

You’ll also love the mobile view feature on the SMART TECH OUTDOOR PRO that allows you to stream the footage from the camera straight from your mobile phone. For increased convenience, this is an incredibly nifty feature.

Pan & tilt 320°/110°

The SMART TECH OUTDOOR PRO also moves to the sides to grant you an expanded field of view. So, apart from the primary wide-angle view that you already get with the camera, you can also tilt it and make the camera face pan across to get extra surveillance

Two-Way Audio and Siren Alert

Panoramic View Equipped With 320 Degree Horizontal and 110 Degree Vertical Tilt

Reliable Day & Night View With IP66 Housing to Withstand Most Harsh Weather Conditions


What's inside the Box?

1x Smart Tech Outdoor Pro

1x Screw Pack

1x User Manual

1x Screwdriver 

     Note- Outdoor Pro is equipped with a 3ft power cable - Extension cable is offered upon checkout.

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